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It struck me reading this book how Mussolini and his Italy were most probably, outside the BBC, the dominant influences on George Orwell in writing 1984. From this biography there is a sense of how constant and overwhelming the joyful references to violence and war were in fascist Italy and how Mussolinis basic mental framework was orientated towards violence, with war as its socially organised consequence.Only war was to decide the ranking of nations. As such it required a militarised population and a big population, made possible by serried ranks of child bearing women. Mussolinis fascism had long perspectives on the one hand - fearing that the Roman spirit had been corrupted by too many enfranchised slaves and Levantine influences, and short ones on the other with his eagerness to go to war, starting with Ethiopia, being far in advance of Italys ability to sustain a military endeavour in any practical way.And it is here that Denis Mack Smiths presentation emphasises, or maybe this is inescapable, a comic-opera element to the entire Italian fascist endeavour. His Mussolini could be just a charlatan simply out of power for himself, certainly his about turns and contradictory statements are stressed throughout this book. However this is a book in which we dont come all that close to Mussolini because of the sources for those self-contradicting statements which come from journalism, interviews, and in particular book length studies that Mussolini commissioned, had translated and made widely available (different language editions were deliberately not identical), and it is easy to see that Mussolini was striking a variety of poses meant for public consumption. The only constants appear to be war and violence. As a consequence we dont really get close to him, we see only the series of masks that he presented to viewer, there is no sense of his inner once we leave the discussion of his youth, and his mistresses are barely mentioned, I have a vague memory that Margherita Sarfatti at least was quite influential on his politics at one stage - until she left the country on account of the turn to anti-Semitism.In his interest in media control and aiming to impress through poses and imagery he comes across as a contemporary politician, more-so than when this book was first published in 1981. Whether Mussolini was more substantial than some world leaders of recent times or if his foreign policy too was simply an extension the media management of his image is not an issue discussed in this book. Mussolini whenever possible tried to have international conferences or summit meetings between leaders take place on Italian soil - this allowed him to present this to Italian as foreigners coming to Mussolini to solve their problems. Mussolini also never took an interpreter to meetings with Hitler, as a young man he had worked in Switzerland and Austria as a labourer and in various casual jobs, doubtless knew some German, but Denis Mack Smith reads this rather as not having a witness to how he was brow beaten. The great leader must always be seen as the great leader, particularly when they arent. Mussolini comes across as a mistrustful man, believing in the untrustworthiness of others he attempted to do everything himself, at times holding up to nine ministerial positions at one go. Here it struck me that Mussolini was attempting to run a country in the same way that as an editor he had directed a newspaper before seizing power in Italy. Image was important, presentation was important, orders were given but there was never any structure to check that they were carried out, and indeed Mussolinis insistence on intervening to make decisions at any and all levels of government down to the date when the police should change into their summer uniforms was very helpful in establishing his credentials as an omnipresent superman who decided all aspects of Italian life, but with the unsurprising consequences that he suffered from ulcers (view spoiler)[ for the sake of his health he gave up alcohol, ate very little meat, consumed milk by the litre and fruit by the kilo. This diet doesnt seem to have done him much good (hide spoiler)]

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